Deutsche Gesellschaft für zahnärztliche Prävention und Rehabilitation im Spitzensport e.V.

Sports dentistry is not only an exciting medical field, but also a discipline that is enjoying increasing professional interest. This is due to the fact that the importance of the oral cavity with its performance-influencing effects is constantly increasing.  The oral cavity is already considered the most important entry point for pathogenic, performance-reducing bacterial and systemically scattering infections.

The systemic effect of periodontal pathogenic germs on the organism is a worldwide scientific hotspot in medicine. Many disciplines are currently intensifying their medical research in this field.

Scientific publications in the fields of craniomandibular function, respiration optimization, the increasing occurrence of erosive changes in the hard tooth substances and, last but not least, the traumatology of the facial skull also demand a professionalization of dentistry in sports.

Sports dentistry therefore has the task of implicating dental knowledge into the medical care of athletes. This can only be done on the basis of scientific evidence. In order to guarantee this, DGzPRsport promotes scientific projects in sports dentistry through its scientific advisory boards in its core competencies and is in exchange with other sports medical and sports scientific institutions.

The DGzPRsport is a dental professional society, which takes over scientific and technical tasks in the field of dental care of top and amateur athletes.

The specialist society consists of highly qualified dentists, physicians and physiotherapists.  It acts selflessly and is not profit-oriented.

The first German specialist society for sports dentistry, founded in 2007 in Göttingen, maintains its office in Kassel. It coordinates specific care concepts and organises and certifies further training and professional development for doctors, dentists and physiotherapists.

Tasks of the DGzPRSport:

  • Coordination and implementation of research projects
  • support of sports-team-, tournament- and association doctors
  • Nationwide network development for the support of top athletes
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with medical societies
  • Training and certification of sports dentists
  • Definition of treatment guidelines

Our goal is to define scientific treatment guidelines for the long-term and sustainable improvement of top athletes. The basis for this is that our dental care concept is characterised by measures to maintain and promote health.

The focus is on measures for the prevention of inflammation and structural prophylaxis of the stomatognathic system as well as the improvement of performance-relevant parameters of the craniomandibular functional complex, trauma prevention and the prevention and therapy of erosive diseases of the teeth

We see ourselves as a learning community. A constant highly scientific development is our foundation and our motivation.

In recent years, six core competences of DGzPRsport have emerged through scientific projects in sport:

  1. Anti-inflammatory concepts to sustainably reduce performance-reducing inflammations in the oral cavity.
  2. Trauma prevention concepts to reduce the risk of injury to the facial skull, teeth, and jaw.
  3. Breath improving concepts to improve ventilation, especially during rest breathing, and to enable better regeneration.
  4. Concepts to improve craniomandibular function in order to avoid a negative influence on the musculoskeletal system.
  5. Antierosive, reconstructive concepts, which counteract the mostly erosive influence of iostonic drinks in sports.
  6. orthodontic concepts to ensure or improve the regular, optimal function of the craniomandibular system.

All the core competencies mentioned are covered by working groups or scientific advisory boards.

Following the standards of international professional associations, the purpose of the Code of Ethics is to create guiding principles for DGzPRsport. These are to be implemented by our members and the scientific advisory boards as exemplary ethical standards in the exercise of their membership, in research and teaching.

Our Code of Ethics is based on international guidelines such as the Declaration of Helsinki. It cannot, however, replace the statutes of the association, but in case of doubt has a supplementary effect.

DGzPRsport expects its members to respect the Codex in their professional activities. The ability of a scientific society to regulate itself is crucial for maintaining public trust. Compliance with the Code is therefore fundamental to maintaining professional responsibility. Our commitment is to the ethical pursuit of knowledge.

We expect members to support the implementation of the Code and motivate others to implement it for their part. Ethical violations lead to doubts about the integrity of individuals and their institutions.

It is the special responsibility of DGzPRsport members to take appropriate action to prevent, detect and correct any conduct that violates the Code of Ethics.

Members who violate the DGzPRsport Code of Ethics must expect sanctions.

All members of DGzPRsport are expected to:

  1. Acting honestly and with integrity
  2. objective unbiased judgement
  3. Communicate sincerely and responsibly
  4. to treat other people with consideration and respect
  5. differences in the perspective of recognising and appreciating experience and culture
  6. Adhere to appropriate standards of accuracy, reliability, openness and confidentiality in all research activities and in dealing with each other and with patients
  7. Use all given resources prudently in accordance with applicable laws and regulations
  8. not to hinder other members in their activities, but to support them
  9. To observe the anti-doping rules of NADA / WADA and to declare this in writing.

The Code of Ethics of DGzPRsport corresponds to the Code of Ethics of the IADR (International Association of Dental Research) with regard to content and wording.

Articles of Association of the German Society for Dental Prevention and Rehabilitation in Top-Level Sports

Note: Statutes established on 06.09.2013 with amendments dated 27.04.2014

§ 1 Name, registered office, registration, financial year

(1) The association bears the name: German Society for Dental Prevention and Rehabilitation in Top-class Sports e.V. (DGzPRsport)

(2) It has its seat in Göttingen.

(3) It was entered in the register of associations under the UR 348/ 2013 or AZ VR 201660 on 17.12.2013.

(4) The financial year is the calendar year.

§ 2 Purpose of the Association

(I) The purpose of the Association is to

The Association is a voluntary association of all medical professions active in oral and perioral medicine to safeguard, promote and represent scientific, professional, economic and other common interests. The Society (hereinafter referred to as DGzPRsport) serves the following purposes:

(1) Consideration of the connections between health and function in medical and dental treatments with special consideration of the maintenance and improvement of performance in top-class sport.
(2) Interdisciplinary networking of all disciplines of dentistry, oral and maxillofacial medicine as well as other health professions active in the field of oral and perioral medicine through the inter- and transdisciplinary application of performance-identical parameters in top-class sport in connection with functional but also performance-preserving or sustainably performance-enhancing aspects.
(3) Implementation of performance-maintaining and performance-enhancing treatment parameters in oral and perioral medicine and dentistry as an integral part of the treatment of dental, oral, jaw and facial diseases, the maintenance of health in top athletes as well as the creation of suitable sustainable care and therapy concepts with special regard to compliance with national and international regulations against doping.
(4) Promotion of performance-maintaining and performance-enhancing treatment measures and concepts for medical and dental treatment of top athletes, taking into account your specific needs.
(5) Representation and dissemination of these findings in the field of performance-maintaining and performance-enhancing treatment concepts and measures at home and abroad. For this purpose, the Association may conclude national and international cooperation and association agreements.
(6) Support of the scientific work concerning performance-maintaining or performance-enhancing dental care and therapy concepts as well as the implementation of corresponding results in practice.
(7) Promotion of the further education and training of dentists, dental technicians and otherwise affected health professions with regard to the importance of performance-maintaining or performance-enhancing dental aspects in top-class sport.
(8) To be a link between universities, practices, dental laboratories and otherwise affected institutions and companies active in the field of health care within the framework of sport.
(9) Cooperation with other associations, working groups, societies and organs of health care and sport at home and abroad pursuing similar objectives.
(10) The Company may award prizes for special scientific work and for therapeutic success in top-class sport.
(11) In order to achieve its purposes, the Association may establish, acquire or participate in associations, companies under private law and legal entities.

(II) Measures for the fulfilment of the purpose

The following measures in particular shall serve to fulfil the purposes (tasks) set out in § 2:

(1) To hold at least one meeting per year.

(2) Organisation and execution of training, advanced training and further education events.
(3) Establishment of a Science Fund for project funding.
(4) Formation of working groups for special sub-areas.
(5) Stimulation and support of scientific work, in particular in the field of application-oriented research in clinics and practices.
(6) Knowledge transfer at events by electronic media, print media,
Lectures and other.
(7) Joining associations that serve the purposes of the DGzPRsport
and are conducive to an exchange of knowledge.

§ 3 Selflessness

The DGzPRsport pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes in the sense of the section “Tax-privileged purposes “” of the tax code.

The association is selflessly active; it does not pursue primarily self-economic purposes.

The association’s funds may only be used for statutory purposes. In their capacity as members, the members do not receive any benefits from the association’s funds.

No person is allowed to be paid for expenses that are alien to the purpose of the corporation or for disproportionately high remuneration.

Certification Rules of the DGzPRsport e.V.

Version of 25.5.2018

Rules for obtaining membership and certification as a certified expert of the German Society for Dental Prevention and Rehabilitation in Top-Level Sports e.V.


The DGzPRsport e.V. is a dental association, which takes over scientific and technical tasks in the field of the support of top athletes. It coordinates specific care concepts and organises and certifies further training and professional development for doctors, dentists and physiotherapists.

The aim of the company is to achieve a lasting and sustainable increase in the performance of top athletes through health-maintaining and health-promoting dental care concepts. The focus here is, for example, on measures for the prevention of inflammation and structural prophylaxis of the stomatognathic system as well as the improvement of performance-relevant parameters of the craniomandibular functional complex.

The DGzPRsport e.V. sees itself as a learning community.

It can appoint members by certification as “certified experts for dental prevention and rehabilitation in top-class sport”, as long as they show recognizable interest in actively supporting the goals of DGzPRsport e.V. and prove their professional and character suitability.

The appointment is bound to the membership in the DGzPRsport e.V.. In the event of resignation or exclusion, the validity of the appointment as a “certified expert for dental prevention and rehabilitation in top-class sport” automatically expires.

Aim of the certification

The primary goal of the certification is to ensure the quality-assured, nationwide dental care security of top athletes through appropriately certified members/member practices that practice and master a treatment concept focused on the special needs of top athletes.

With the certification of its members, DGzPRsport e.V. creates the organizational prerequisite that its goals in the sense of quality-assured dental care are implemented at a high professional level through scientifically proven methods.

Requirements for certification as a “certified expert for dental prevention and rehabilitation in top-class sport” of the DGzPRsport e.V.

Achievement of membership in the DGzPRsport e.V.

It is differentiated between applicants, members, certified members, corresponding, supporting members and scientific advisors.

A. Applicant status:

For a membership each student of dentistry, each dentist or physician, each member of medical auxiliary occupations can apply, if he/she is willing to carry the goals of the DGzPRsport e.V. also. Persons undergoing training or students remain free members until they complete their professional training or obtain their license to practise medicine. They pay no or reduced membership fees.
Applicants should be allowed to gain insight into the work and support concepts of the DGzPRsport e.V. through suitable internships in the certified practices. After obtaining the license to practise medicine or after completing the vocational training, this must be reported to the board of directors. The Executive Board confirms the change from dues-free to dues-paying membership.


B. Applicant status (entitlement to member status):

The applicant remains in applicant status until written confirmation by the board.

C. Change of applicant status to member status

After receipt of the written application for admission to the DGzPRsport (application), the application will be examined by the board and if there are no weighty, comprehensible reasons, the application will be granted.

The accepted member has to pay the one-time admission fee and the annual fee to the account of DGzPRsport. Only after receipt of the admission fee and the annual fee is the membership legally binding.

D. Certified member of the DGzPRsport e.V.

Members can be appointed as “certified experts for dental prevention and rehabilitation in top-class sport”.

The following conditions are a prerequisite for certification as a “certified expert for dental prevention and rehabilitation in top-class sport”:

A 12-month membership in the DGzPRsport e.V. as a member.
Participation in at least 2 advanced training events of the DGzPRsport e.V.
Passing a written certification exam.
A lecture event (see below for details) or successful participation in a further training series recognised by the IASD (Int. Ass. of Sports Dentistry) in the form of a curriculum with final examination.
Proof of suitable cause-oriented prevention


Scientific Advisory Board

Become a member

Do you already successfully care for top athletes and would like to optimise your care concepts and therapies for the benefit of your patients?

Are you a sports enthusiast and actively involved in sports?

Can you identify with the goals of DGzPRsport?

Then become a member!

Benefit from a network of experienced colleagues who have already successfully implemented our concepts in top-class sport. Become part of a learning community and open up an interesting new area of expertise.

As a member of DGzPRsport you can also become a member of the International Association Sports Dentistry. An international network of highly active national sports dentistry associations is growing up here.

Your advantages at a glance:

  1. Experts exchange
  2. Care concepts for top athletes
  3. Continuous further education through curriculum and symposia
  4. Research
  5. High-Calibre Scientific Advisory Board
  6. Download Portal for Publications and Scientific Work
  7. Screening App
  8. Newsletter – Always be up to date
  9. Teamwork – Support the projects of DGzPRsport

Get involved in sports dentistry and DGzPRsport. Or simply have fun in the field of tension between dentistry and top-class sport.

We look forward to meeting you!

How to become a member of DGzPRsport e.V.

There are many ways to become a member of the German Society for Dental Prevention and Rehabilitation:

1. Visit one of our training events

Our team training events, for example, are usually free of charge. They are ideal to get to know us.

Here you will find the next dates. (Link to events)

Simply contact the organizer of the team training, he will arrange everything necessary for your membership.

2. send us an email

You can contact us via info@dgzprsport.de. We will process your request quickly and goal-oriented. We will then send you the necessary documents.

3. membership application Download

Download our form easily, fill it out at home and send it via eMail to m.kummer@dgzprsport.de.

Of course you can also send us a letter. Please address it to us:

Executive Board Member Administration DGzPRsport e.V.

  1. H. Maximilian Kummer
    Gutenbergplatz 5
    04103 Leipzig

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The DGzPRsport is happy about student members!

The DGzPRsport has started its student program. We want to inspire young dental students for sports dentistry.

To this end, we are strengthening our presence and activities at German universities.

Become a member! The advantages are obvious.

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