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You train with discipline.You take care of your diet. Together with a team of experts, you protect and improve every single facet of your body.
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But are you taking care of your teeth and oral health, too? Wouldn’t it be incredible if you could do something more to boost your performance? Your teeth are the key to success!
Learn more about the relationship between oral diseases and your body. How harmful is the uncontrolled growth of bacteria in your mouth?

A healthy body is the foundation for an elite athlete. In elite sports, the aim is always to maximize performance and increase it naturally. This is both a huge task as well as a constant balancing act between performance and health. The number of medical factors that influence performance is extensive. Naturally, various factors have an impact on success, not
just training ambitiously, nutrition, and genetic disposition. It is above all psychological mindset and of course, basic
physical data.
Oral health plays an important role here. Dental factors have a great influence on how susceptible a person is to injury as well as on their ability to recover.
But where is the connection?

Inflammation in the oral cavity (periodontal disease,
) worsens overall condition and therefore performance. In particular, there is an increased risk for the cardiovascular system. The biggest problem is that most of the diseases remain undetected for a very long period of time because at first, they cause no pain. Indeed, the athlete notices reduced performance (less power, reduced speed, less focus) but not the causes behind it.

In addition to inflammation, the lower jaw position plays a special role when it comes to performance. In sports in particular, a modified lower jaw position can result in changes in body posture overall and therefore also
in body strength. The head and neck muscles must cooperate perfectly, especially when put under maximum stress. Bite position problems inevitably result in reducedfunction and performance. The risk of injury increases significantly.

What are the typical findings that could indicate impaired performance?

  • Gingivitis/ periodontitis
  • Teeth grinding/ clenching/ CMD
  • Relocation of the wisdom teeth
  • Isolated inflammation of the jaw
  • Teeth that have had root canal treatment

Our goal is to support athletes as best as possible through their sporting seasons. This means no absences. The athlete is supported individually, in order to have a
reliable performance.

In addition to diagnostic procedures to look for diseases and malfunctions, we place particular emphasis on teaching athletes. We call it: ‘help you to help yourself’!

Learn about the causes behind the two dental diseases (caries and periodontitis), the bacteria responsible and how you can help yourself.

In addition to the dental aspects, orthopedic, ENT and psychosomatic factors are also worth investigating. Our certified dentists act as coordinators for
. Together with the athlete, the coaches and team of medical
experts, the therapy concept is planned and coordinated.

The basic goal of sports dentistry is to eliminate all infections and ensure the lower jaw position is ideal, in order to optimize the ability to regenerate and capability to

This is how maximum performance can be achieved and increased in a targeted way. Consequently, pre-season as well as mid and postseason-screenings are recommended.

Chronic inflammation example

Chronic inflammation can delay the injury healing process. The most common chronic inflammations are found in the oral cavity. Generally, these inflammations affect the gums and jaw bone and often go undetected.

Medical studies have shown that 70-90% of people are affected by such inflammations.

Our own research shows that a comparable number of elite athletes suffer from chronic inflammations. Today, we know that it is especially chronic inflammations of the oral cavity that have a wide range of negative effects on other organ systems as well as the immune system.

We help you to eliminate these harmful inflammations sustainably, once and for all. And the best thing? You’re always completely in control of how effective our methods are, together with your doctor.

Incorrect bite example

False load distribution on the jaw, the masticatory muscles and the jaw joints can also have an extremely negative impact on your performance. In the worst case, this can lead to constant pain in the face or head, the shoulder girdle and via the spine to the hip joints. Here there are also special, scientifically sound therapy concepts to relieve you of pain and once again raise your performance.

We introduce you to concepts and methods that improve your health, increase your well-being and effectively boost your sporting performance in competitions.

You will continue to benefit from the advantages of this optimal support, long after your most active time. Only those who take professional care of their health from the very beginning will still be fit after the end of their career.

In addition to analyzing and adjusting the bite position, we offer:

  • Breathing optimization to improve recovery
  • Optimized nutrition plans
  • Prevention and therapy of tooth erosion
  • Trauma prevention and therapy


Dr. Saathoff (member of the DGZPR Sport) is convienced that

“the smallest things make a difference when it comes to winning or losing, and that applies not only to elite-level sports!”

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  • Be physically stronger and feel better
  • Your teeth and gums are healthier, showing less damage
  • And you stay fit for longer, as our approaches have a lasting positive effect – even after your sporting career comes to an end
  • Access a network of certified DGzPRsport experts

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