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You train in a disciplined way. You actively pay attention to your nutrition. Together with your team of experts you protect and improve all areas of your body.
This is professional motivation!

But do you also pay attention to your teeth and your oral health?! What if you could increase your performance even further? Your teeth are the key to your success!
Learn more about the connections between oral diseases and your body. How harmful is uncontrolled bacterial growth in the oral cavity?

The healthy body is the foundation of a competitive athlete. The goal in top-class sport is always to maximize performance and naturally increase it. This is an enormous burden and a constant balancing act between performance yield and health. The number of medical factors influencing performance is extensive. In addition to ambition in training, nutrition and genetic disposition, the psychological condition and of course the basic physical data have an effect on success.
Here oral health plays an important role. Dental factors show great importance in the susceptibility to injuries and the ability to regenerate.
But what is the connection?

Inflammations in the oral cavity (periodontitis, caries) worsen the general condition and thus the performance. Especially for the cardiovascular system there is an increased risk. The biggest problem is that most diseases remain undetected for a very long time because they do not cause any pain at first. Although the athlete perceives the worse performance (less strength, slower speed, poorer focus), he has no idea of the causes.

In addition to inflammation, the lower jaw position plays a special role in performance. Especially in sports, a changed lower jaw position can result in changes of the entire posture and thus of physical strength. Head and neck muscles must work together perfectly, especially under maximum stress. Disturbances of the bite position inevitably follow function and performance disturbances. The injury risk increases strongly.

Which typical findings can give indications of a performance limitation?

  • gingivitis / periodontitis
  • crunching / pressing / CMD
  • Wisdom teeth relocation
  • Insulated jaw inflammation
  • Root canal treated teeth

Our goal is to support the athlete ideally during the season. This means that there should be no absenteeism. The athlete is adjusted individually and optimally in order to be able to retrieve his performance safely.

In addition to the diagnostic procedures for the analysis of illnesses and malfunctions, we attach particular importance to the instruction of the athlete. We call this: help for self-help!

Get to know the causes of both dental diseases (caries and periodontitis), the responsible bacteria and your possibilities for self-therapy.

In addition to the dental factors, orthopaedic, ENT and psychosomatic factors must also be examined. Our certified dentists act as sport dental coordinators. Together with the athlete, the coaching staff and the medical team of experts, the therapy concept is planned and coordinated.

The fundamental goal of sports dentistry is to eliminate all infections and ideally adjust the lower jaw position in order to optimize the ability to regenerate and the willingness to perform.

In this way, the maximum performance can be reached and specifically increased. Therefore, pre-season as well as in- and after-season screenings make sense.

Example chronic inflammation

Chronic inflammation can delay the healing of injuries. The most common chronic inflammations are found in the oral cavity. These inflammations mostly affect the gums and jawbone and are often not detected.

Medical studies show that 70-90% of people are affected by these inflammations.

Our own studies show that top athletes suffer from chronic inflammations to a comparable extent. Today we know that chronic inflammations from the oral cavity have many negative effects on other organ systems and the immune system.

We will help you to eliminate these harmful inflammations sustainably and permanently. And best of all: Together with your attending physician, you have control over the effectiveness of our methods at all times.

Example wrong bite

Also an incorrect loading of the jaws, the chewing muscles and the jaw joints can have extremely negative effects on your performance. In the worst case this can lead to permanent pain in the area of the head, the shoulder girdle and beyond the spine to the hip joints. Here, too, there are special, scientifically based therapy concepts to relieve you of the pain and make you fit again.

We provide you with concepts and methods that improve your health, increase your well-being and thus effectively improve your athletic performance in competition.

You will also profit from the advantages of this optimal care after your active time! Only those who take professional care of their health right from the start will stay fit for the end of their career.

Beside the analysis and adjustment of the bite position we offer:

  • Breath optimization for better regeneration
  • Food optimization
  • Prevention and therapy of tooth erosion
  • Trauma prevention and therapy


“Winning or losing is decided by the smallest points, not only in top sport!”

so the conviction of Dr. Saathoff (member of the DGZPR Sport).

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Your advantages at a glance

  • improvement of your athletic performance
  • shortening of your injury times and convalescence
  • You achieve more performance without additional effort
  • You become more physically resilient and feel more comfortable
  • Your teeth and gums are healthier and have less damage
  • Thanks to the sustainability of our concepts you stay fit longer … also after your career end
  • You get access to the network of certified DGzPRsport experts

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