Dear participants of the First Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sports Dentistry

Dear Guests!

As President of DGzPRsport e.V., I would like to welcome you at our First Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sports Dentistry, ISD Leipzig 2019!

This year’s symposium is meant to encourage more interdisciplinary symposiums on sports dentistry.
Each year, we plan to rotate between the two important sports locations (namely Leipzig and Cologne) and delight participants with current topics relating to every aspect of our fascinating field.
When doing so, we try our best to find a range of relevant, scientifically-based topics.

Furthermore, to a certain extent, we as dentists have to widen our professional horizons in order to be accepted as partners in sports medicine.
Therefore, making interdisciplinary efforts is just as important as being scientific.
Only when sports dentistry succeeds in being accepted as a serious partner by sports medicine in the years to come, will we, dentists, be able to have an impact on sport itself in the future.
And this is what the ISD will contribute to.

We hope that this will be a successful and interesting event for all of us, that can answer questions on multiple aspects of sports dentistry.
I hope that we can pique your interest in our specialization and encourage you to get involved in this field.
We have many questions left to answer.
Perhaps you’re the one who can help us find some answers, as part of a learning community.
In any case, I want to thank you for having come to Leipzig!

If you enjoyed our symposium, then it’s my pleasure to be able to invite you to the

Second International Interdisciplinary Symposium on Sports Dentistry in Cologne.

The ISD Cologne 2020 will be even more international, more future-oriented and will also include several interesting workshops, which will provide great added value for your everyday work.
Stay on the ball and join us!

We would be very pleased if you do!

Best wishes,

Your Holger Class (President of DGzPRsport)