Project Description

Prof. Dr. med. Johannes B. Dahm

After studying medicine in Groningen and continuing his medical training (internal medicine and sports medicine), Prof. Dr. Johannes Dahm (born in 1962) specialized in cardiology and angiology at the Heart and Diabetes Center in North Rhine-Westphalia, Bad Oeynhausen.
Before joining the Heart & Vascular Center in Goettingen in 2006, he was Deputy Director of the Cardiology/ Angiology Department at the University Clinic of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University in Greifswald.

Besides many authorships and reviews (i.a. EHJ, AHJ, Circulation, JACC, CCI, VASA), he has been co-editor of the journal “Aktuelle Kardiologie” (Thieme) since 2011,

head of the angiology working group in the BNK, member of the Task Force on “interventional therapy in arterial vascular diseases” by the DGK/DGS, ESC Guideline Commission Syncope,
Advisory Boards i.a. BSCI, Biotronik, part of various CEC Committees, and head of the echocardiography course at the Meck Western Pomerania Medical Chamber,
Memberships in the German Society of Cardiology (DGK), Angiology (DGA) and Cardiac Society (BNK).

An active athlete and sports doctor who also provides support to numerous amateur and professional athletes in the area, as well as to the BG Goettingen Bundesliga basketball team.

All heart and vessel ultrasound techniques, catheter techniques for diagnostics and therapy of vessel obstruction (vascular bottlenecks) (i.a. balloon angioplasty, stent implants, rotablation, laser, thrombectomy, atherectomy) at the heart, lower and upper limbs, kidney and visceral vessels as well as supraaortal vessels (carotis /vertebralis /subclavia) with specialization in lower and upper leg arteries in cases of critical limb ischemia/risk of amputation. Early diagnosis of atherosclerosis to avoid vascular diseases or vascular complications (heart attack, vascular occlusions) early on. Performance diagnostics from a sports medicine and sports cardiology point of view, including training planning, for healthy and ill amateur and professional athletes