International Interdisciplinary Symposium Sports Dentistry

Cologne, November 20th-21st 2020

DGzPRsport is arranging the second Interdisciplinary Symposium Sports Dentistry.

After the huge success of the first symposium in Leipzig, sports dentistry’s second milestone is now set to follow.

We are particularly pleased that we will have two days in Cologne to enjoy exciting lectures, inspiring conversations among colleagues and this time also valuable workshops.

In addition to the top quality interdisciplinary scientific program, we offer practical concepts and ideas enabling improved support for athletes in our workshops.

The program is therefore aimed at all those who have or want to develop a presence in the sports world (dentists, sports doctors, athletes, physiotherapists, technicians, medical and dental students) and of course all those who want to ensure powerful performance through sustainable health concepts.

The event is recognized as a continuum by the IASD and DGzPRsport.

The symposium will also include the awarding of the final certificates to participants of the “Sports dentistry” curriculum.

On successful completion of the examination, participants are entitled to claim that they are specializing in sports dentistry and thereby also hold the title of Sports Dentist/Team Dentist (IASD).

The DGzPRsport annual meeting and general assembly will also take place as part of the symposium.

We look forward to meeting you and having an exciting weekend together!

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