With the largest student group, three scientific advisors and the DGzPRsport South/West Center, the Freiburg site has become a focal point for DGzPRsport.

With the appointment of Adjunct Prof. Dr. Christian Tennert in addition to fellow scientific advisory board members Prof. Dr. h.c. J. Rudolf Strub and Adjunct Prof. Dr. Johan Wölber, a sports dentistry working group has been formed. The focus of the research at this site will be on the field of anti-inflammatory nutrition in sports.

The working group will examine questions on aspects of nutrition in sports dentistry, as well as concepts for elite, competitive and mass sports. This interesting field within sports dentistry has not yet been explored.
As a result, there are many questions. Johan Wölber and Christian Tennert are trained nutritional physicians of the German Society for Nutritional Medicine/German Academy for Nutritional Medicine

Christian Tennert is active in the field of professional cycling himself and has experienced success as a licensed driver in an international team. DGzPRsport welcomes this ambitious athlete, colleague and esteemed university teacher to its ranks.

Curriculum Vitae Christian Tennert:

PD Dr. Christian Tennert, born in 1981, studied dentistry at the University of Leipzig. Since 2008, he has been working as a dentist and as a research assistant at the Clinic for Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology at the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg. He qualified as a professor here in 2017. His scientific interests lie in the influence of nutrition on oral pathologies (caries, gingivitis, periodontitis) or the influence of nutrition on the oral microbiome and oral pathologies. Tennert has had a strong interest in nutrition since 2010 and completed further training as a nutritional physician with the German Society for Nutritional Medicine/German Academy for Nutritional Medicine (DGEM/DAEM) in 2016-2017.