During the board meeting at the DGzPRsport South West Center, the new student members of DGzPRsport and the IASD student group from the Fachschaft der Zahnmedizin Freiburg introduced themselves. The student group will support Dr. Knauf when it comes to providing dental care to SC Freiburg athletes, for example, and will thereby be able to gain interesting insights into modern sports dentistry. It is planned that these up-and-coming sport dentists will also be able to actively participate in implementing DGzPRsport projects. With the appointment of dentist Maximilian Braun (DGzPRsport, Coordinator of Student Matters) and Dr. Costin Baumgärtel (Director Students Group, IASD, Zurich) in the summer of 2017, the organizational prerequisites were created to establish a national and international student network for sports dentistry.

Sammi Hofstra, Texas A&M University, member of the IASD Students Group, is spending four months in Germany to learn about the structures, organization and concepts of DGzPRsport. She has gained insights into a prevention program at SC Freiburg and is learning the concepts of modern, evidence-based sports dentistry.
As part of the DGzPRsport board meeting, she has also been able to network with the members of the IASD Students Group from Freiburg.

“Such contacts will form the backbone of the International Association of Sports Dentistry in the future. We’re excited to see the shared activities that will come under the IASD umbrella in the future. It is also very important that we open up a field that prompts and maintains the interest and fun in dentistry, alongside what can often be very stressful student training,” says Dr. Marko Knauf, President of the IASD.