Prof. Ralf Brand, University of Potsdam, has been appointed by the DGzPRsport Executive Board the scientific advisor on sports science and sports psychology.

By appointing this sports scientist, renowned both in Germany and internationally, DGzPRsport is ensuring its integrative questions and approaches for resolution will be implemented, and is reflecting sports science in its range of skills.

Professor Brand is head of the Chair of Sports Psychology and the Field of Excellence in Sports and Health Sciences at the University of Potsdam.

Prof. Dr. rer. soc. Brand is a sports scientist and qualified psychologist.
He was awarded the Karl-Feige Prize in 2003 for his research work.
Given his professional qualifications, he is the point of contact at the Federal Institute of Sports Science for issues in sports psychology at the elite sports level.

Prof. Brand is the author of the sports psychology textbook “Sportpsychologie” (published by Thieme Verlag) and Editor In Chief of the monthly journal “Sportwissenschaft/the German Journal of Exercise and Sport Research”.