August 2015
In the coming year, DGzPRsport plans to further train its members in the field of sports physiotherapy, since cross-disciplinary knowledge would be directly beneficial to our patients. Very often, a dentist’s work crosses over into other specializations. Craniomandibular dysfunction therapy is a good example of this point. During therapy, in addition to dental qualifications, efficient, seamless interdisciplinary cooperation with physiotherapy/sports physiotherapy is often most important. To this end, the dentist should also have strong knowledge in this field. Coordinating interdisciplinary therapy is thus made easier, thereby leading to improved therapeutic results.

Participation in a course approved by the DOSB (German Olympic Sports Confederation) is planned. The members can then be examined by an authorized examiner in sports physiotherapy, and, following successful examination, may hold the title of “DGzPRsport dentist trained in sports physiotherapy”. At this point it should be made clear that this course does not constitute training as a sports physiotherapist.

Initial discussions with authorized training institutes will take place from September.