The class of 2018 has successfully completed DGzPRsport’s scientific sports dentistry curriculum. The certification exams were held on November 2nd, 2019 in the Kassel business premises.

We are very pleased to announce that all the participants were able to demonstrate the profound knowledge and skills gained in the field of sports dentistry and in supporting elite athletes in the final exam.

The DGzPRsport curriculum included six modules taught through classroom teaching as well as extensive practical exercises, over the course of a year.

Following successful completion, every participant is entitled to claim that they are specializing in sports dentistry and thus hold the title of

“Sports Dentist/Team Dentist”


The curriculum is recognized by the International Association of Sports Dentistry (IASD). This entitles successful participants to hold the title “Team Dentist”.

Congratulations to all participants!

Dr. Tobias Bähre – Hannover

Dr. Joachim Beck-Mußotter – Weinheim

Dr. Sabine Brackmann – Gifhorn

Dr. Arthur Buscot – Braunschweig

Torsten Cordts

Irene Eichmeier-Hetzel – Weilheim

Dr. Beatrix Frese – Witzenhausen

Julia Hamer – Hamburg

Victoria Supernak

Maximillian Herpich – Straubing

Dr. Heiko Hippen – Barsinghausen

Dr. Thomas Jüde – Horneburg

Max Kummer – Leipzig

Dr. Frank Saathoff – Bergisch Gladbach

Dr. Christian Schwetje – Hannover

Dr. Christiane Slansky – Zittau

Dr. Franz Gebefügi – Zwingenberg

Dr. Thomas Jungbluth – Tutzingen

Karin Schwetje – Hannover